paltry morse code nemesis, lingua franca models and taking turns with band aid fingers

12 Jan

si aquella ventana hablaba en la lengua del sol

while there were a thousand soldiers crossing a bridge made out of a single rope
they got their quilts wet in the river of Mercury, but she charged on from behind
making sure it was all okay, with tiny legs she couldn’t handle the speed but
her voice was a catalyst for victory, that blasted delusion.

quieren una guerra con las principios sistemáticas, saben en la posibilidad del cielo

failure in the hearts of not only men,
M-E-N a 3 letter transaction in the hearts of status,
the revolution, sigue sigue continued in a coat of almond sweetness
minds of propagated victory, heretics prophesized 16 songs on the radio,
all equally morose, oh well they danced anyway in the river of mercury,
their silouhettes wet against the silver sun.

la puerta, si la han abierto estaba el mejor delincuencia, a su propio imaginación

the sarong pushed her breasts up to her chin<
her voice yet called into a different dimension
in non speculative code, broken into categorized stardust
inaudible in the vacuum of potential
seized by proximus cognate
the inclination of cipher, let stand abreast in distort judgement
once known to the onyx as peripheral circumstance
a nonchalance chronic – septic as it was vulgar,
such was the dissemination.

los ojos contra la pared

her suitcase was nylon of lunar opacity,
they maintained the postures of designed heresy,
welcomed the new moon into the 17th dimension
those who have come of age skinned the serpents
revealing a deluge of electronic marvel
azure rocks were sweet to touch,
as you looked into holographic eyes
her cheeks were milk to let your fingers delve into,
no magnanimous wastage
the kerning of amiability at the vestige of improbability
some heartfelt, ingeniously granted
to take your own machine into consideration
some fatal orgasms in the light of Plato,
who thus be the architect of construct,
a meager code that was once you,
so how be it eternity contextualized?



a filtration of systematic beliefs in concurrence with the diaphragm of cosmic rapture

18 Aug

a field is saturated in macrobiotic costumes
well, does it lie? the lens? does it?
How far could you push it, the esophagus reads 2.8
a slow shutter reveals the face of Neptune…

yes it speaks into the AKG, a phantasmagoric 15 minute…
Weld the cotton back into the walls please, get Mercury on 4
1 is beaming in static…the glory, yes revealed

Read between the freckles in your skin, where beauty is a continuum
Segregate the rhetoric and stain Nietzsche in the mold
and Aggregate the noun into a verb to define the nihilist banters.
The negation reveals a quantum replica of the original question

Bones aren’t allowed to rest in peculiarity
Serving the rigidity of the musculature,
stature of infinite design.
Eventually, your finite value is a microcosm

Lapsing into the eternal fold,
Of value and of gesture?
If you were to pick each stone out of the demigods
Placate it on the plateau of dissidence?

Skin in value rebukes the necessity of flesh and bone
Who has the ferocity to question failure of design…right now yes?
f5.6, it’s burning the edges ain’t it, homeboy
Glaciers of the Ruby Suns…

Silk is the nocturnal ebb, the stale proprietor of your vision
The eclipse of nihilistic banter
One should, you should, he should?
Reach out eventually, head first, history last…

Into the diaphragm of cosmic rapture!

maps of the exigencies; old brands of medical equipment and Glaxo’s imminent failure

16 Aug

Come on in, Come on in
Take your shoes off, leave the socks on,
Leaving soon aren’t ya? Please.
Here’s a file, your scales are dust

Rendered inappropriate,
Who discloses the crescent in the moonlight
Sift your sun dried organs off into the sepulchre of…
Venus? It belonged to you? At one point yes…

Now levee the fingers, no no
Just the tips of it, what’s the wattage here sailor
The file could be used for the edges of your peaking soles
Indulge in these moist sanitary napkins

Preferably on a reverberation of an adjective
Watch the peddle, you see, your feet are bare
Do you need a needle for the buckle?
I was once a teacher, and I dropped shillings into an eyeball

What? Of course it was ceramic.
Didn’t they tell you to leave your socks on?
US Letter please. A4 isn’t appropriate
Thank you for the pleasantries.

If you take the left hallway, all the way down
The door on your left again, yes, correct
Dystopia is a stale tigress…

She is mute and she is blind

Hold your fingertips out, yes, just like that
Until your tongue is numb and eternity seizes to exist.

continent of nitrogen scales; bleak vision and epileptic turnovers

15 Aug

in leather you breathe
it is la langue, la photographie
the dry scalp you eat in between fingernail breaks
coughing microbites into the sacred division of…

…digital infinity

hey, hi, hello.

I’ve seen you at one point,
in macro solitude where we stretched our bodies out

Into the edges, to escape?

Where we scale and curve our extensions into infinite properties
of you and me, of life totalitarian
an imaginative circumstance where our toes grip our torso’s
and value is an added diminutive

affixed to the vast organism, that shades itself in monochrome device
blatant in the stench of ash, you wizen up to lax
as your bones are black and crumble with a kiss

hey, let me tuck your pashmina back into your spine
the reverse of a smile…tell me

how would you react to that in the continent of palms
only where your knuckles shined once…

in a vestibule of economical grace

lets meet up and talk about this under the wheels of saturn

5 Aug

fast knees on your English spit
coherence vanquished in deceptive trace
the vanguard hollows and your intuitive technology
speaking vile streaks of apron grease

Now logic seizes the vast definitive
Algae punily the gesture of corrosive heart
The figures the numbers the laxative burst

How come verse in time successive
the radiance of sunblast smiles
Now victimised victimised, although
pleased. Intrinsic skin the question of


lay low under the gaze of a million eyes
And thank the bitch question which
peels the vast terrain of mercury over
The descent into the hellish verve

of quasi sanity, the punkass handshake
dynamite knuckle wisecracks, like it
was indeed genuine the amiability of

Dragons, perhaps, like it was something to tune into
Once the gastank skateparks are done and over with
I would grease your wheels, The million hands that
rip out the chest of the earth

The heaving demon
Say free the ghost, but I’ve lost you already
To begin with what

<That space noteworthy of your belonging

epolia elves slimming on the plexus

24 May

Davidian cola blisters seized the wrong ankles,
Of indigestible forex plans,
Lengthy material of avant garde mercury smiles,
That lend you a hand and wish it a voluble return,


Explicit in ivory style,
Muerte en dos plumas de la guerra en sinfonia plural<
Waggin’ the dog ol’ sista,
Relish in trimorphic symmetry,

Waxed are these tongue violations in urban dissolve
Three vestibules : Dissolve
Fermented the bleach in the crystal resolve
Ebulliently space in rectal stargaze

Now wade in and out of its conspicuous
Of deaf color in the alleviation spill of mute membrane
Dissect the planetary tentacle, observations adhered

Rest in likeness of the holographic self
In mercuric tell tales,

Now ripe, aplomb, in contradi…

sand feather and the bears at bay

14 Mar

Slain the white pearl
Abnormal kin with Sunday paws
Combing the child’s eyebrows
Bleach her variation skirt

I come home on the day of marble sun
I sink into the pillow of turpentine birds
Come just for the dance step parties
The blizzard of eyes and the teeth of wailing joy

You work the ink into the comfort of paper
Soy sauce drips from knee into shoe
I scrub the skirt off your skin
You juice the lungs of my child

We dance into whats left of neon whispers
I undress your thighs in Rosemary bushes
Satin cuts, slippery gashes of milky blades
come only for language

and the crooked bears at bay

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